Only the best

and leanest meat

is used for the

Continental beef jerky.


The meat is flavored

with our exclusive formula and

seasoned with selected spices,

depending on the variety.


The meat is flavored

with our exclusive formula and

seasoned with selected spices,

depending on the variety.


Then dried with care,

cut into slices,

and packaged under

a controlled atmosphere.

Ready to enjoy.

2 companies, one joint idea

At first our product developer was only daydreaming about Continental beef jerky. Through longer conversations and attempts the dream became tangible
. The idea of cutting beef jerky into slices and packaging it into cups was born. Beef jerky in a cup is totally new and inspired by our frequent business trips by car.

We wanted a product high in protein, but still delicious and substantial. Further, it was important to us to create a cup which fits into every car console and is an eye catcher of its own. Functionality meets aesthetics.

“A dream you dream alone

is only a dream.

A dream you dream

together is reality.”

Yoko Ono

“Great things in business

are never done

by one person.

They are done by

a team of people.”

Steve Jobs

Nowadays cooperative work is both rarer, and yet more important than ever. This is precisely what makes the cooperation of Bauwens and p&p consulting so wonderful, because only together we can be strong and achieve great things

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. The production site is located in Belgium, marketing mainly in Austria, and sales is split in half between both companies.

Continental beef jerky is more than just a trendy protein snack – it is a part of our dream come true. We all have worked together for our product, have been developing and refining, and we are proud to be able to provide you with it today.


Theo Bauwens nv is an over 100 years old family owned company and one of the leading European producers of cooked meat products.

Our reputation for quality and hygiene is verified by a long history of certifications from the British Retail Consortium and the International Food Standard, which are approved by our own accredited internal microbiological laboratory.


P & P consulting

p&p consulting KG is a young company, founded in August 2017. We are fully dedicated to the beef jerky product and our vision behind it. Together with our partner Theo Bauwens nv, we are confident in our idea and the product Continental beef jerky.

Be part of our Continental beef jerky family!